Bart shoveling snow.
Another cool Bart Simpson Wallpaper: 
I like this one a lot.
I have called this one: "Strange man with funny haircut"
Comic Book Guy on the floor
A wallpaper from the episode "Das Bus".  
A silhouette wallpaper of Homer and Marge. 
Bart after having a nightmare
A nice wallpaper of Chief Wiggum.  
A nice wallpaper of Marge, from the episode: The Joy Of Sect. 
Another Homer wallpaper.
Bart beaten up.   
Bart getting strangled.
Another wallpaper from "Joy of the Sect"
Homer standing naked infront of the window.
Baby Homer.
Troy McClure in the introductory video to "Rancho Relaxo"
A wallpaper that shows Lenny's Hand.
Milhouse flying. Mikkel wanted me to make this wallpaper for him, and I think it turned out well.
A black and white wallpaper of Lisa, from one of the newest Simpsons episodes.
Bart hitting Homer with a bat. Thanks too Ajay for this one.
Willie strangeling Homer. Thanks too Ajay for this one.
Bart in trouble. From one of the THOH episodes
Mr. Burns as a vampire. Submitted by Bergz0