1. What was Lisa's original Diorama-Rama project?
"My Fair Lady"
"Oliver Twist"

2. The Itchy & Scratchy Land gift shop, sells out of what?
Bort license plates
Bart license plates
Bert license plates

3. What turns Homer sane again in 'The Shinning'?
A Beer
A Donut

4. What word does Bart keeping saying in the Lovejoy's house?

5. What pee-wee hockey team did Lisa play for?
The Gougers
The Pigs
The Wildcats

6. What is the name of the movie made about Homer sexually harassing Ashley Grant?
"Homer Simpson: Harasser or Hobo?"
"How Homer Simpson Destroyed Me"
"Homer S.: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber"

7. What was Lisa's sarcastic theory to the adults acting strangely?
They're Pod People
They're reverse vampires
They're a government conspiracy

8. What is the name of Homer's exact double?
Joey Jo Jo Junior
Guy Incognito
Hugh Gass

9. Which one of these is NOT a Stonecutter's initiation ritual?
The Leap Of Faith
The Wreck Of The Hesperus
The Drop Of The Stone

10. What does Homer use to try and attract customers to the bowling alley?
A shotgun
A baseball bat
Posters and banners which advertised the alley

11. What blows up Springfield's only bridge out of town, when it's on course with a comet?
Kang & Kodos
A huge car crash
A rocket

12. What time does Milhouse's birthday party end?

13. Who does Mr. Burns dress-up as, to try and get Skinner to donate money to the Plant?