1. What was Barney looking for on the bathroom floor while singing?
A toothpick
A rat
A beer

2. How did Sideshow Bob find the Simpsons' relocated house at Terror Lake?
He hid under their car
He found a map at their home of their route
He asked Homer while he was drunk

3. What was Homer doing in his photo on his application form to college?
Chasing a squirrel
Choking Bart
Eating a cake

4. Where does Bart find Bobo?
In his freezer
In a bag of ice
In Maggie's sand pit

5. What do Lionel Hutz's clients get if he doesn't win their case?
A gold neckless
A smoking monkey
A pizza

6. What car does Ruth Powers drive?
Thunderbird Convertible
Aston Martin
Austin A35

7. Who does Homer buy a trampoline from?
Fat Tony
Mayor Quimby

8. According to Homer's map, there is a Krusty Burger situated where?
On a permanent underwater-submarine
On an oil-rig
Beyond international waters

9. What is written on Homer's fortune cookie?
Stick with your wife
You will find happiness with a new love
Stay away from your cousin

10. To join the vigilante group, what must you be able to do?
Use a baseball bat
Chug a beer
Swing a sack of doornobs

11. Where is the very first Kwik-E-Mart convenience store located?
Next to the very first Seven/Eleven
At the top of a mountain in India
In Apu's garden

12. Which one of these IS NOT one of Malibu Stacy's sayings?
"Let's bake some cookies for the boys!"
"I wish they taught shopping in school!"
"Why don't they make make-up bags ten times bigger?!"

13. How much did it cost to 'See The Elephant' in Homer's old price stucture?