- Is it a pool yet?
- Yes, dad.

Region: 2 UK
Run time:
520 min

Episodes: 5
Picture: 4,5
Extra stuff: 5
Overall: 5

Written by Henrik - Januar 7th 2006

After sticking to the same design for five dvdreleases, Fox decided to change the design on The Simpsons dvds completely. The result was a plastic box shaped like Homer's head. Months before it was released, people's opinion about the new design was split. Many liked the highly original box, while others complained that it wouldn't fit into their collection of Simpsons dvds. Fox must have known they were out on thin ice, since they gave the American and Canadian buyers a chance to order a cardboard box to put on the outside of the box.
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In England, Fox decided to release two dvdset for season 6. The Homer-head was released as a limited edtion (50.000 copies) and an all new digipack was released as an original edtion. I'll take a closer look at it.