Well, shut my mouth. It's also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Region: 1
Run time: 506 min

Episodes: 4,5
Picture: 4
Extra stuff: 4,5
Overall: 4,5

Written by Henrik - March 9th 2005

So it was the Christmas of '04. Henrik had been a good boy, so Santa brought him an imported version of the season five dvd with the Simpsons. Henrik started up his region-free dvd player and lived happily ever after. Several months later he finally wrote the review, or more exactly: A guide trough the dvd box.

The box is a cardboard in shiny red, similar to the previous season releases of the Simpsons. I do however have to say that this box is the prettiest so far. Just the thought of the ugly blue season four box makes me shiver. (Click the thumbs for full size)

Inside the box is a big picture of the Simpsons on a circus, similar to one of the couch openings from season 5, in the background. Tradition true is there a booklet inside which is very informative. You can see who's on each of the commentary tracks and other features to each of the episodes. The sheet on the back of the box, which luckily is removable, lists up all the episodes and bonus material found on the four discs. I'll go through everything.


After coming through the legal threats, warnings and a little Simpsons intro I'm finally ready to start exploring the disc. First of all: The dvd menus are beautiful! Already a hugh improvement from the season 4 dvd. The first one shows Homer sleeping at work. There's an own bonus material section, but I'll wait with it.

  • A Word From Matt Groening (01:39): In this short featurette Matt talkes about the different episodes from season 5. He says that the episode where Bart joins the junior campers is one of his favourites. He lists up many of the guest stars and talks about different bonus material found on the discs.
  • Homer's Barbershop Quartet (22:53)
    • Commentary with among others, Hank Azaria (Apu, Moe, Chief Wiggum.....)
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 19:09: A press conference where the B-Sharps presents Donut Records + a scene from behind the stage of one of their conserts. [0:25]
      • 19:23: Skinner comes home to his mother after being on tour. This is a Psycho parody [0:15]
  • Cape Feare (22:48)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 03:53: Extension of the Itchy & Scratchy episode, where Itchy sew Scratchy back together and give him the bill which is so high that Scrachy shots himself with a gun provided by Itchy.
      • 04:33: A flashback that shows that Grandpa has reasons to show grudge against Bart.
      • 11:20: Homer wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the kitchen where he is served a sandwich by Sideshow Bob. He goes back to his bed before he realises that they don't have a maid. [0:35]
      • 21:36: Grandpa as a woman goes on a canu trip with Jasper [0:22]
  • Homer Goes To College (22:53)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 05:57: Bart watching a show with Krusty [0:16]
      • 09:05: Homer at a guided tour at the university [0:29]
      • 17:01: The nerds companies Bart to school where they get beat up [0:14]
  • Rosebud (22:58)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 16:40: Mr. Burns is trying to shut off the tv and beer supply. [0:16]
  • Treehouse Of Horror IV (22:54)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 19:16: Bart turns out to be a vampire. He eats rats, served by Marge
    • Animation Showcase from the episode [8:34]
    • Animatic (09:43)
    • Original sketches: Many Treehouse of Horror related drawings on a slideshow.
    • Commercials:
      • Butterfinger "I've Been Robbed" (8/93): Someone steels a Butterfinger from Bart's safe [0:32]
      • Butterfinger "Crime of the Century" (10/93): The Answer to who stole Bart's butterfinger [0:32]
      • T.G.I Friday's "Homer Simpson" (11/93): Homer watching T.G.I Friday's commercial. [0:32]
      • Ramada In "Ramada's In" (5/94): The family is going to Ramada's In and the kids continually screams: "Are we there yet?" [0:32]
      • THX Trailer: The family is at the cinema watching the THX trailer, but it's not loud enough for Grandpa [0:40]
  • Marge on the Lam (22:53)
    • Commentary
  • Bart's Inner Child (22:54)
    • Commentary by among others, Dan Castellaneta (Homer) and Yeardley Smith (Lisa).
  • Boy-Scoutz 'N The Hood (22:53)
    • Commentary by among others, Dan Castellaneta (Homer) and Yeardley Smith (Lisa).
  • The Last Temptation of Homer (22:56)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 04:31: Homer is eating Maggie's baby food and complanies about the power plant hiering a new woman. [0:40]
      • 07:05: Homer drives his car into a fish farm [0:12]
      • 18:50: Professor Frink presents one of his invents [0:15]
  • $pringfield (23:00)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 07:45: Smithers and Homer share their thoughts about the Casino's name. [0:40]
      • 09:55: Sigfrid & Roy cathes one of their white tigers (alternate version) [0:11]
      • 10:48: The James Bond parody, as seen in season 7's The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular [0:30]
      • 11:56: Nelson kicks Martin out of Bart's casino [0:19]
  • Homer the Vigilante (22:54)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 13:21: Homer keeps threatening the cat burglar [0:17]
      • 18:18: Lisa repays Homer by playing the sax for him (without sound) [0:15]
      • 21:38: Hans Moleman's been robbed and Grandpa Simpson's been locked inside his room [0:20
  • Bart Gets Famous (22:54)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 12:17: Bart reads Krusty's mail [0:17]
      • 16:15: Krusty earns loads of money on Bart merchandises [0:29]
  • Homer and Apu (22:55)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 08:53: The Simpsons are watching a Top 400 Indian movie with Apu. Later Bart has to sleep in Lisa's room because Apu has taken his. [1:00]
      • 09:15: An extension of James Woods' job interview. [0:16]
      • 16:20: Homer on board the plane [0:15]
      • 17:35: Homer and Apu talking to each other round a fire. [0:39]
  • Lisa VS. Malibu Stacy (22:53)
    • Commentary
  • Deep Space Homer (22:49)
    • Commentary
  • Homer Loves Flanders (22:54)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 07:24: Inside the Springfield Atoms' wardrobe; Mr. Burns gets drowned in champagne. [0:07]
      • 11:40: Homer listening to Skinner talk, at the shelter. [0:27]
  • Bart Gets An Elephant (22:52)
    • Commentary
    • Animation Showcase from the episode [5:23]
  • Burns' Heir (22:54)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 03:47: Mr. Burns fires a guy at the cinema [0:11]
      • 11:40: Marge wants Bart to wash up before dinner [0:22]
  • Sweet Seymore Skinner's Baadasssss Song (22:52)
    • Commentary
    • Animation Showcase (05:18)
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 04:51: Skinner blames television for the kids bad behavior [0.15]
      • 06:22: Lisa suggest to Miss Hover that the children should return to the class room [0:12]
      • 14:43: Skinner and Bart at an amusement park [0:25]
      • 20:02: Homer tells his plans on how to get Flanders fired [0:13]
  • The Boy Who Knew Too Much (22:55)
    • Commentary
    • Deleted scenes:
      • 08:05: Bart talks to an old lady [0:17]
      • 09:39: Wiggum talks [0:10]
      • 11:30: Shows different situations inside the court [0:31]
      • 17:48: Homer watch Skinner having a nightmare about his time in Vietnam [0:15]
      • 21:21: Quimby's nephew is being beat up by the police [0:18]
  • Lady Bouvier's Lover (22:49)
    • Commentary
  • Secrets Of A Successful Marriage (22:51)
    • Commentary
    • Play all deleted scenes: (21:21) All the deleted scenes from the season put together. Can be played with or without commentaries by David Merkin and Al Jean
    • Special Language Feature: Watch Sweet Seymore Skinner's Baadasssss Song with either Italian, Polish, Czechoslovakian or Hungarian audio.
    • A Look Back With James L. Brooks: (03:51) James talks about how surreal it feels that Simpsons has become so popular.
    • Easter egg: (Highlight the text to read it) (06:08) An alternate commentary with Matt Groening, Lance Wilder, Lance Kramer, Paul Wee, Mike Anderson, Bob Anderson, Wes Archer, and David Silverman on the 100th episode animatic on disc 4 can be found if you access the 'Special Features,' click the 'Art and Animation' option, then highlight the 'Animatic Play Button' and press LEFT to highlight the 100th episode then press ENTER to reveal the alternate commentary. (Thanks to movieweb.com for the tip)

Picture quality: The episodes are as usual presented in 4:3 format. Even though the picture quality is improving with each season and this one is by far the best so far, there is still room for improvement. A bonus is that the deleted scenes also are presented with the same good quality as the episodes. 4/5

Episodes: The fifth season is a good season with many great episodes and is overall one of the better seasons, but not the best. 4,5/5

Extra Material: To me the deleted scenes are the best part about this dvd. They never add anything to the episodes but are short and funny sketches which I enjoy to watch. You may have seen some of them in the season 7 behind the scenes show, but most of them are new to me. There are audio commentary to all the episodes. I haven't bothered to listen to more than 5-6 of them and I found them fairly interesting. I especially enjoyed the one for Boy-Scoutz 'N The Hood with both Dan Castellaneta (Homer) and Yeardley Smith (Lisa). I don't see the point in having commentary tracks on all the episodes. 5-6 episodes would have been more than enough, but it doesn't look like they're gonna stop the trend they've started with commentary to every episode. On the other hand it's nice to know that if you got particular interest in one episode, there's a commentary to it. Since I haven't seen any of the Simpsons commercials before I did enjoy them. The animation showcase on the other hand, I found pretty boring and useless, but maybe some of you'll like them. I was hoping there would be some Simpsons documentaries or other longer featurettes on this dvd. On the other hand the commentaries are very informative and gives answers to many question, so whether there is need for documentaries can be discussed. 4,5/5

Overall: A good season and a good dvd release. 4,5/5