Remember the advice you father gave you on your wedding day: If you ever travel back in time, don't step on anything.

Region: 2
Run time: 88 min

Episodes: 4/5
Picture: 4/5
Extra stuff: 1/5
Overall: 3,5/5

Written by Henrik - December 27th. 2002

After releasing two seasons of The Simpsons on DVD, some guys decided to try to earn some more money by releasing a third theme-related Simpsons DVD. They came up with the Treehouse of Horror. There are many similarities to the two first theme dvd's "The: Backstage Pass" and "Film Festival". They all have four episodes with the same theme, three good ones and one bad. Plus they have mixed together some clips everyone have already seen, and called it "Extra material".

Treehouse of Horror V (Season 6)
- The Shinning - Homer is trying to kill his family
- Time and Punishment - Homer travels through time with a toaster.
- Nightmare Cafeteria - Principal Skinner starts killing students and eat them.

Treehouse of Horror VI (Season 7)
- Attack of the 50 foot Eyesores -
- Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace - Groundskeeper Willie tries to kill all the children.
- Homer 3D -
Homer goes into a new dimension.

Treehouse of Horror VII (Season 8)
- The Thing and I - Bart's evil twin Hugo shows up.
- The Genesis Tub - Lisa creates a miniature world.
- Mr. Kang Goes to Washington - Kang and Kodos steal's Bill Clinton and Bob Dole's identity.

Treehouse of Horror XII (Season 13)
- Hex and the City -
A gipsy curses Homer's family.
- House of Whacks - A computer takes controll over the Simpson's house.
- Wiz Kids - Bart and Lisa appears as wizards.

The picture quality is absolutely acceptable. If you watch it on a tv, it's hard to see any mistakes. The colours are really nice to watch, and much better than on the first Simpsons dvd. On the other hand, if you watch it on a computer (which has much higher resolution), the picture won't be that good, but still acceptable.

Extra material
The extra material on this dvd is really bad. The only thing is a video montage of "Kang and Kodos' finest moments". This is just clips from other THOH episodes they have been in, where they say some cool quotes. In other words: Nothing that is worth watching.

This DVD becomes rather expensive since there are only four episodes on it. The only reason to buy it is the fact that it includes three of the best Halloween episodes ever created. If you're planning to buy this DVD to see something new, then don't. You've most likely seen it all on tv before, or can see it when the other seasons of the Simpsons will be released on DVD. Though this will probably take some time since all these episodes are from the seasons 6-13.