Season 12 - CABF05 - Pokey Mom
Wiggum talks about his favourite tv shows - all airing on HBO, a channel not available on basic cable. OZ tells the story about the life inside an experimental cell block called Emerald City in Oswald maximum security prison.
Wiggum: My wife and I like watching that "Oz" show on HBO. Uh, is
... is prison really like that?
Jack: Wouldn't know. We only get basic cable.
Wiggum: Ouch. I also like that "Sex in the City." None of those
girls looks like my wife. [laughs]
Jack: "Sportscenter's" not bad.
Wiggum: Yeah, I never got that show.
Jack: What's to get? They just tell the scores.
Wiggum: Yeah, I suppose, yeah. Hey, ya meet any Mob guys? Are
they really like the Sopranos?
Jack: I told you, we just get basic cable.
Wiggum: Oh right, right, right. Listen, if I'm getting too
chatty, just, uh, just tell me to shut up.
Jack: Ah, I'm enjoying it. Hey, you ever watch them strongman
contests? They're pretty good. Those guys look strong.
Other guys in prison say they're gay, but I don't know;
they look strong to me.
Season 16 - GABF08 - The Seven-Beer Snitch
Homer receives a small hat from Mr. Burns, for being a snitch. It's a reference to Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's character Simon Adebisi in the prison series OZ, who constantly wears a hat, in the same way.
Dialogue is from SNPP.COM