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"The Simpsons Gallery" began as the brainchild of the Norwegian kid; Henrik. The already famous creator of such websites as Beer Baronrama - The Rex Banner Tribute and A Home For Henrik - Your source for Henrik info. In January 2001 Henrik teamed up with the domain owner Mart. On January 21, 2001 The Simpsons Gallery hit the web. As the weeks went on, so did the image production. Maybe the drawings were a little crude, but all the characters were there and the site had potential.

After two monthes was TSG the second largest archive for Simpsons framegrabs on the web. The image gallery was also quite big, to be only two months old. After moving from server to server. Did we go back to Cosmanet. There we got a new design watching now and a lot of new content. Later Cosmanet/Ravehosts died and we moved to Raqwebhosting without all off our framegrabs. At the end of 2003 and after some confusion over the closure of OECK and the fact that we had experienced quite a lot of downtime we moved to The Alltoons Network this time with all our content.

After being able to grow and develope with reliable hosts for the last two years, 2004 has unfortunately been about finding a reliable host. Moving around from server to server with almost 900 mb's of images takes time, and have caused a lot of downtime. Hopefully we can continue our fourth year online!

Previous hosts:

We are now hosted by Smoovenet

Most hits in one day: March 8th 2006: 3069, 1938 Unique


Henrik: Webmaster and creater of TSG. Designs, makes images, wallpapers, desktops, photos, references and most of the other stuff around here. 
Location: Norway
Age: 21
Other sites: The Rex Banner Site & A Lemon for Jebediah
Email: duffzone@hotmail.com
Martin: Webmaster. Does also create framegrabs.
Location: England
Age: 20
Email: mart@duffzone.co.uk
Been around: Pretty much all the time

xAlex: Wallpaper guy. Alex sends us wallpapers when he wants to.
Location: Canada
Age: 20
Email: xalex17@hotmail.com
Last seen: Halloween 2003

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