You can apologize in hell !
Posted by Henrik | 10/16
New season 21 framegrabs

Murdering Kate Winslet payed for that chocolate fountain!
Posted by Henrik | 9/28
Season 20

  • KABF17 Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes
  • KABF15 Lost Verizon
  • KABF14 Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
  • KABF16 Treehouse of Horror XIX

Season 21

I'm still a unitard!
Posted by Henrik | 7/19

I'm sure everyone will ignore the fact that it's been over a year since my last update. I never thought taking a master of science in finance would take up so much time, but I've been wrong before. Back in 2007 I was working on getting season 18 framegrabbed. I never really finished it and I still haven't. I have however framegrabbed the entire season 19. All 20 episodes with approximately 5000 framegrabs are now available. You can check out all the framegrabs here.

I'm a unitard!
Posted by Henrik | 6/23

The Simpsons Movie is right around the corner, so I've updated my page that is dedicated to it. I've added the latest trailer, caps from the trailer and promos and posters.
I'm also working on getting the rest of season 18 framegrabbed.

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